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Founded in 2020, Pinnacle Lifestyles Resorts has quickly grown acquiring 7 properties throughout Alberta and British Columbia. We provide the opportunity for accredited investors to invest alongside us in the fast-paced RV resort industry.


We are creating new resort communities in world-class destinations that offer various ways to stay or own while you find your balance in the great outdoors.



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Strong Market Opportunity




Significant Undersupply

It's estimated there are 16 RV's competing for every 1 campsite in Western Canada, creating a significant undersupply of RV sites versus RV owners. 



Attractive Market

With strong long-term growth in camping, limited institutional competition and attractive demographics the campground market offers a great investment backdrop. and inflation and recession resistance 

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Downside Protection

Campgrounds tend to be perform well in recessionary environments and offer strong inflation resistance. Combined with low leverage and a large land base, Pinnacle is focused on managing risk. 



An Institutional Approach to Campground and Recreational Property Assets


Industry Highlights


High Growth Industry Niche

  • Large market of almost 1/3 of Canadians, similar to that of multi-family rentals
  • Inflation & recession resistant business model
  • Strong industry demand & growth
  • Significant undersupply of RV sites vs. RV owners in Western Canada
  • Limited institutional competition


Investment Highlights


12 - 16% IRR Targeted Returns

  • Multiple revenue streams from development, operations and property management
  • Downside protection through large land holdings and business flexibility
  • Efficiency Through Large Scale Projects
  • Track record of success in similar projects
  • Specialized in-house team and experience


Pinnacle Lifestyles Fund III Properties

The Fund has acquired three core assets which represent significant potential upside through development. These assets are located in rare locations with a balances approach between bare land development, resort expansion and stable cash flow.

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Kokanee Springs Resort

Located in Southern B.C. Kootenay's

18-hole championship golf course located on 432 acres featuring a newly completed RV park, lodge, condos and restaurant.



Golden Lands Development

Located near Golden, BC

200 beautiful un-zoned riverfront acres representing a prime development opportunity right along HWY 1 currently in development.

white lake


White Lake Fishing Resort

Located in the North Okanagan

Top trout fishing lake in Canada located on 5 lakefront acres featuring 36 RV sites, cabins and lodge and marina.

Invest from $25,000

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Building a Track Record of Success 


Pinnacle has established a track record of increasing revenues post acquisition and improving customer satisfaction. With an in-house specialized team it has built experience in development, sales and operations.

Pinnacle Lifestyles Family of Resorts Portfolio



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Prospective investors may contact Pinnacle Lifestyles Fund III Incorporated by submitting their contact information on this website to receive a copy of the offering documents related to the proposed private placement discussion herein. Investments in the Fund are only open to accredited and institutional investors subject to review and qualification of prospectus exemptions in Canada.